About Classic Pinballs

As a hobby type collector with many now rare machines that have been collected over decades, the site launch happened some years ago to help and share repair knowledge to fellow enthusiasts. Note that we are not affiliated to any other Pinball operators or dealers in the UK, We are a private, independent concern rather than a business.

During these years there is a growing interest, much amongst people who have visited UK Pinball shows. Whilst geared toward later electronic machines, it’s possible to see old vintage machines set amongst them.

Today, more attend shows which in turn creates more interest of these vintage machines as collectable in a home games-room.

The growing interest in vintage machines means people find ownership is useful, particularly at Christmas & Easter when all the family can gather to play it.

Imagine this: your children can challenge Grandparents on a machine that they very likely played when they were their age!

And if opting for a multi-player, fun increases as each player plays their ball to achieve the highest score. Better still, to win an extra game through their skill alone!

Vintage machines were, compared against the modern machines, over-engineered in their mechanical components, which is why many have survived today. As the size of the collection now needs reducing, some machines in the collection are now available for sale. Please view the Vintage machines for sale page and see if there is a machine that you played in your youth!

If you are keen to own your very own vintage machine, please get in touch!

Thanks for looking!