General Questions and answers

  • You are based in Kent but I am based in Yorkshire? Can you still help and if so, what happens now?
  • There are options for you. You can bring and collect your machine to the workshop in your own vehicle or we can arrange to have it collected and returned after repairs to you via a specialist courier. Sometimes, we might be able to do the collection and deliver work at a similar charge if we are in your area at some point.
  • Do you offer on-site servicing and repairs?
  • Sorry, No. Pinball machines have literally hundred of moving parts and components inside them so to carry sufficient spares in our van is impractical. Also, we do not cater for ‘Bingo’ type machines.
  • My machine is in need of a routine service and has a few faults on it. Can you help?
  • Yes of course. Routine services would include replacement of broken playfield rubbers, burnt-out bulbs, re-soldering broken off wires, replacing burnt-out coils, springs, etc. Most faults can be fixed during such work.
  • I think my machine will need a more in-depth job than just a routine service. What can you offer?
  • It is often the case that it is a more cost-effective solution for you to have the machine completely overhauled. This would include the following:

Rebuilt flippers, which includes coil stops, sleeves, linkages and end-of-stroke switches. As an option, high-power flipper coils can also be supplied where available.

Cabinet flipper contact switches.

Rebuilt pop bumpers, to include new bodies, chrome ring and rod assemblies, plungers, coil sleeves, springs and artwork caps ( all are licenced reproductions, where available) skirts and where possible, upgraded coils to improve game play.

Stepper units overhauled with new spring kits, coil sleeves.

Score reels overhauled with new spring kits and coil sleeves

Sling-shot coils re-sleeved.

Lower motor board is stripped down, every relay is inspected for wear, coils checked for tolerances, [replaced where necessary], and then rebuilt, cleaned and adjusted. Motor cleaned and lubricated to factory specification.

New power ‘Hold’ relay coil

Correct related fuses throughout and includes a spare set.

New 2 core and earth lead & plug with a 5 amp fuse, coin door and linked metal-work earthed.  240v Warning labels fitted adjacent to high voltage areas inside the machine.  NOTE: we are not Qualified electricians so you are strongly advised to have your own electrician inspect the machine together with your electrical supply socket to the machine checked for suitability.

Playfield is carefully cleaned and waxed and new rubbers fitted throughout.

Burnt bulbs replaced, flashing lamps refitted as per factory specification together with any bad lamp holders replaced.

  • I am interested in purchasing a machine from your collection, what do I need to do?
  • All you need to do is complete the ‘Contact’ form and request a list of the machines currently on offer. Once you have made a decision as to what one you want to purchase, you would need to place a small [ non-refundable] deposit to secure it. It will then have the standard Overhaul specification work done to it, as described above plus any other work done to it if you request it and a timescale on when the machine might be ready to be installed at your home. All machines sold are personally delivered to you too [UK mainland only] and set up together with an hours playing of the machine before we leave so as to fully test and make any minor adjustments, etc. This is included in the sale price. We like to do this because this gives you peace of mind that your machine will be left with you in a fully working state. You will also be supplied with a care kit for your machine to include spare bulbs, fuses, Schematic wiring diagram 0r manual, if available and a bottle of playfield polish.
  • What guarantee is offered on any of the above?
  • We offer 12 month guarantee on any new part failing and email/telephone support should your machine develop a fault. Please bear in mind that a vintage machine could be some 50 years old and contain many hundreds of parts that could fail at some point. But, your machine will have had a careful and thorough inspection during overhaul so as to minimise the possibility of a fault occurring.
  • I know absolutely nothing about a pinball machine but I am able to do basic maintenance work on my car or home. Do you think I will be able to look after my machine properly?
  • If you are competent and confident with basic hand tools, then yes, you will probably be ok. We do not advise you to buy ANY pinball machine though if you are not. You really need to be able to tackle routine jobs like replacing a burnt out bulb or cleaning & adjusting a switch. Treat these vintage machines as you would a classic car. Look after it, use and care for it and it will very likely last for many years and only need routine bulb/rubber/ball replacement and perhaps the odd switch adjustment done. Bear in mind too that these machines began their lives in sea-side amusement arcades, cafes and public houses and were played for hours on end over many years before going into private ownership. In their retirement years, they will still give many hours of amusement if cared for.