Used vintage pinball machines for sale

Vintage used machines currently for sale:

  • Gottlieb Fashion Show

  • Built in 1962, 2675 models were produced. This 2-player machine is in very nice order throughout and features the legendary Gottlieb artwork designer’s Roy Parker’s artwork. This is an attractive looking machine that would grace any games room. Just fully serviced, cleaned and ready for immediate use. Detailed images are available, please ask.
  • Williams Skill Pool
  • Bally Fireball
  • Williams Pharaoh [Please note that this is a solid state machine]

Pinball machines in the restoration queue for 2018:


    • Magic City

      Built in 1967, this is one of 2675 units built. An iconic and very sought after machine.

    • Add a Ball

      Built in 1961, this is a very unusual game because of its name.  Both arcade operators and players alike were confused because it was not a conventional add-a-ball machine, but one that gave a replay instead. Williams then renamed the machine to Skill Ball using a revised backglass featuring the new name; nothing else changed on the machine itself. Just 650 Skill Ball machines were built though no production figures are known for Add a ball which makes this machine very rare. To compliment the restoration, this features a brand new silk-screen backglass and new, custom made, playfield plastics.


      1. Mayfair

        Produced in 1966, from a total of 2120 units, this machine bears the last production machine that used Roy Parker artwork. It is a 2 player machine with a good playfield layout to keep players occupied. This example is in very nice original condition throughout. A family friendly machine where 2 players can compete against each other.

        Target pool

        This model was built in 1969 with 2425 examples made. A great players machine with just one pop bumper but a tempting set of targets set out for you to hit, hence the name of the game! This is a machine that will keep you coming back for more, very addictive!

      2. Ice revue

        A 1965 built machine, with just 2050 units made. This is another colourful looking game, again using Roy Parker artwork,  depicting light-animated ballerinas moving around the backglass as the targets are scored. 2 temping ball kick-out holes in the playfield make for careful shooting when the Special is lit. Couple this action with its customary bells and it both sounds and looks terrific.

      3. Spin a Card

        This is a 1969 model, with 2650 units made. A nice game and good to play because of the light-spinning cards displayed in the backglass. The ball has to land in one of two kick-out holes on the playfield to activate this feature. The cards light and spin around in a clockwise fashion and slowly stop on a selected card. And if that card is the one you need to win, bingo!

      4. Pleasure Isle

        A very collectable and rare 2 player machine from 1965, where less than 300 were built. Features superb Roy Parker animated artwork, this is a very desirable machine to have in your games-room.

      5. Produced in 1977 with just 1530 units made. Original condition throughout and is an attractive looking game. Gottlieb ceased production of EM machines soon after closing the era of their electro-mechanical pinball machines, moving onto the new tech solid-state models.
      6. Flying Carpet

        Built in 1972, from 3170 units built. Very nice and original throughout. Simple enough to play and enjoy, with targets to hit to spell its name. A great family game.

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