Vintage pinball machines currently for sale

Vintage used machines from my collection currently for sale:

  • Gottlieb Fashion Show

Built in 1962, 2675 units produced. This 2-player machine is in very nice order throughout and features the legendary Gottlieb artwork designer Roy Parker’s artwork. This is an attractive looking machine that would grace any games room. Fully overhauled with new service items, new chrome legs, and more.  Offered at £2995.00

  • Williams Skill Pool

Built in 1963, 2250 units produced. This very nice looking pool-based machine features comedy artwork on its play-field and is a challenging game to play too.

It has an interesting history too in that, according to the person whom I bought it from, it lived much of its operational life on Brighton’s West Pier, and then ended up in a Brighton cafe` whereupon it was bought by my vendor when the cafe closed down. It then lived in his home until he became unable to maintain it and decided to sell.

It is in a very original condition throughout, save for re-painted legs and front door to correct factory colour. Fully overhauled too with new service items throughout, i.e new flipper linkages, e.o.s switches, pop bumper bodies, rings, caps are all brand new. A very nice looking machine, fun to play and would grace any games room. Offered at £3250.00

  • Williams Pharaoh

Although this is a solid state type machine, I bought this many years ago, to complete my collection of the 4 Williams twin play-field models made in this series. These were notorious for being unreliable to their very frail circuit boards. This one, however, features new ‘Rottendog’ circuit boards so as to make it both reliable and repairable in the 21st century. A great machine with ‘Magnasave’ feature where the ball can be stopped in its tracks were it about to drain to either side of the flippers. Great fun and it talks to you too! This example is very nice with good back-glass, cabinet and play-field. Very scarce and collectable. Offered at £3500.00.

For more information,etc please get in touch. Please note too that all machines shall be supplied with a schematic diagramme, operating manual [where possible] spare bulbs, fuses, etc. 

All the above machines can be looked up on the Internet Pinball Database; just type the name of the machine into the search box :