Pinball overhaul/servicing information.

Electro-mechanical pinball machines do need regular maintenance and routine servicing to maintain them.

Due to their size and weight and complexity, off site servicing is not a service that we offer, hence our need to have the machine set up in our workshop where general spares and service equipment is to hand.

Generally, a routine service/overhaul takes some 40 hours of labour on a single player machine; multi players take longer simply due to the additional equipment used.

The usual items, i.e flippers, pop-bumpers, sling shots mechanisms, and stepper units are rebuilt with new, factory licensed parts. Other things like score-reels are stripped down and rebuilt with new springs, coil sleeves if necessary, etc. All relay mechanisms are cleaned, contact points cleaned and adjusted, score motor is lubricated to factory standard and player units on multi-player machines are stripped down, cleaned and rebuilt

The rest of the machine will have any coil sleeves replaced, their electrical value checked to see if it is in correct operating range, and burnt out bulbs and coils are replaced. Finally, the entire machine is properly cleaned, the play field is deep cleaned, waxed and reassembled with new rubbers throughout and new pinballs installed. Finally, a 2 core and earth power cable is fitted and the exterior metal parts that carry mains voltage are earthed*

Once this work has been completed, a comprehensive test and adjustment routine is carried out. This then ensures that a machine is playing correctly as it originally left the factory before being returned to its owner.