Pinball Services

Pinball services:

I can offer the following services to most electro-mechanical machines. Please note that I do not offer any off-site service work. I can, however, give you details of a reliable courier who can collect and deliver your machine, at a reasonable charge.

  • Routine servicing

  • Full cabinet restoration

  • Artwork restoration, to include playfield and backglass restoration or replacement.

See details below for a more detailed description of the above.

  • Routine servicing: This would include a thorough clean of all mechanical components, adjust and clean contact switches, replace any missing or broken leaf contacts, tighten switch – stack screws, lubricate score motors, replace missing or out-of-tension stepper springs, check all major and flipper coils for their correct resistance, replace their coil sleeves, fit new flipper linkages, end-of-stroke switches and coil end stops. The playfield would get new rubbers throughout, any burnt or dead bulbs replaced, and the playfield has a thorough clean and wax and all pinballs replaced with new.  The head unit would have its score reels and stepper units cleaned, any broken or out-of-tension springs replaced, burnt or dead bulbs replaced and Jones plug and sockets cleaned. Finally, if applicable, the mains flex would be replaced with a 3 core earthed replacement, coin door earthed, along with any other metal parts that could come in contact with mains voltage, earthed. Such work is very dependent on the condition of the machine. As an approximate guide, expect a full service to take at least 25 hours, but can often take double, and more, if it is in poor condition. Once work has been completed, the machine is tested throughly by playing around 30 games to make sure it is functioning correctly before it returns to it owner.
  • Full cabinet restoration: Again, depending on condition, an average time to fully restore a cabinet would take about 2 weeks.  The main cabinet and head is stripped of all brightwork, cables, fittings, etc and carefully sanded back to the base wood. Any dings and dents to the woodwork are filled and sanded down, then the cabinet receives 3 coats of a primer-filler paint, sanded between coats, before the base colour/s are applied. Then any cabinet ‘spider-webbing or speckled paint is applied, before the artwork stencils are applied. These stencils, if custom made ones are not available on the market, are hand made to replicate the factory original design. All paint colours used are individually mixed to match the original factory shades as close as possible. All brightwork is either replaced or restored where possible.
  • Playfield artwork restoration: All this is done in-house. Techniques used are air-brush, hand drawn or water-slide decals. All playfields are sprayed with clear 2-pack acrylic lacquer to help preserve the restoration from future wear and tear. Such work is only undertaken where it is feasable to do so!
  • Backglass restoration: Only minor restoration work is done in-house, or it is given to a specialist to be digitally re-mastered. The above ‘Apollo’ backglass is a superb digital reproduction that I had made for me, using my own worn backglass as a template. Virtually any backglass can now be rebuilt, even if broken.

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