Vintage pinball machines in the restoration queue.

Vintage pinball machines available for restoration:

  • Gottlieb machines:
  • Target Pool
  • Pleasure Isle
  • Cover Girl
  • Hurdy Gurdy
  • Show Boat
  • Spin a Card
  • Dancing Dolls
  • Flipper Parade
  • Central Park
  • Ice Revue
  • Golden Arrow
  • Cross Town
  • Sing along
  • Gigi
  • Silver

Williams Machines:

  • Add a Ball
  • Teachers Pet
  • Magic City
  • Apollo
  • Op pop pop
  • Ding dong

The above machines will all be prepared to a minimum specification, to include:

  • Rebuilt flippers, which includes coil stops, sleeves, linkages and end-of-stroke switches. As an option, high-power flipper coils can also be supplied.
  • Cabinet flipper contact switches.
  • Rebuilt pop bumpers, to include new bodies, chrome ring and rod assy, artwork caps ( licenced reproductions, where available) apron skirt and new coil sleeves plus, where possible, upgraded coils to improve game play.
  • Stepper units overhauled with new spring kits.
  • Score reels overhauled with new spring kits.
  • Sling-shot coils re-sleeved.
  • New 2 core and earth lead & plug top,fitted with a 5 amp fuse, coin door and linked metal-work earthed.
  • Playfield deep cleaned and new rubbers fitted throughout.
  • Burnt bulbs replaced, flashing lamps refitted as per factory specification together with any bad lamp holders replaced.

The above specification gives for a basic standard where the machine functions correctly. Further enhancements are possible, i.e new chrome work, cabinet restoration, playfield restoration, new backglass, new playfield artwork plastics,etc.

All service parts fitted are licenced reproduced items.