About Classic Pinballs

A growing interest in all things retro nowadays see vintage, classic pinball machines becoming sought after amongst collectors who see them as an appreciating asset, or people who just want a vintage pinball machine in their home games room .

Ownership of a vintage pinball machine is fun and pleasurable, particularly at holiday times when all the family can gather to play it. Just imagine, your children can challenge their Grandparents to a game on a machine that they might well have played when they were their age!

In the 1950’s and 60’s, Pinball manufacturers were building literally dozens of models every year for both the US and export markets. Their build quality, bearing in mind that these machines were intended for short term life, used high quality materials that would not be cost effective in todays marketplace hence why many have survived today.

Today, the growth in interest in these vintage machines has given to a ever growing supply of licenced spare parts, many made using original factory tooling, and along with reproduction playfields and back-glasses authenticity and appearance is ensured!

We have been collecting and maintaining these vintage machines for some 25 years. If you want to own your very own pinball machine, please get in touch for a current list of what is available. All our machines are in above average condition too so you can be assured of a quality machine should you decide to buy one. And if we do not list a particular machine that you would like to own, ask anyway as we can contact other collectors to see if they can help.

All machines offered for sale are of course fully overhauled to our ‘overhaul’ type specification but you have the option of having additional upgrade work done if you wish, for example, new cabinet artwork, or a new back-glass, there are many possibilities, just ask.

And if you wanted a machine but are concerned of how to look after or maintain it then don’t worry, we can offer you a tailored annual maintenance contract, to ensure your machine functions just as it should.