Vintage pinball machines for sale

A varied selection of vintage, classic, pinball machines are offered for sale as detailed below.

Please contact us for further information and images of the machine that you are interested in.

Machines scheduled for release,second quarter 2022

1965 Gottlieb ‘Pleasure Isle’. Just 235 units produced. Fully overhauled, restored machine with new playfield plastics, pop-bumper caps and much more! Carefully restored cabinet with new cabinet artwork to original factory design, new chrome legs, etc. A rare and sought after 2-player pinball machine, offered for sale at £6995.00. Be quick, rare machines in this condition are almost impossible to find!

1975 Gottlieb ‘Abra-CaDabra’ This is a very sought after single player machine, produced in 1975. 2,825 units built. This machine has its original cabinet artwork, playfield and back-glass in very good condition for its age. It will receive a full overhaul, fitted with new chrome legs and other new parts to make this a very nice example for any home. Offered at £5995.00.

1964 Gottlieb ‘Majorettes’. This is a very rare, single player, add-a ball type machine, with just 425 units produced. It shall be fully overhauled throughout with new chrome legs and much more. It features very good, original cabinet artwork, playfield and back-glass. It is in almost time-warp condition from being in a one owner home for most of its life [the former owner bought it from an arcade shortly after it was installed from new] To find a Majorettes is hard enough, but to find one in a very good, original state as this is almost impossible. Offered at £8495.00

1962 Gottlieb ‘Fashion Show’. 2,675 units produced. This is a 2 player machine that is in very nice condition for its age. Its cabinet was restored by the former owner some 10 years ago and along with its very nice playfield and backglass, would really look good in your home or games room. It will receive a full overhaul and new chrome legs, etc prior to sale. And being a 2-player machine, will prove popular amongst family get togethers! Offered at £4795.00

1963 Williams ‘Skill Pool’ 2,100 units produced.This single player is a very good example of the ‘Reverse Wedge-head’ type cabinet that the manufacturer brought out, reputedly to differentiate the brand agains the rival Gottlieb marque. This type of cabinet is now becoming much more collectable over recent years. This example has an interesting history too, as it lived much of its life on one of the Brighton Piers, before being sold to a cafe owner in Brighton, where it was used by the customers for some years. When the cafe closed down. One of the customers, as he played it a lot, bought the machine and had it in his home, until we purchased it for restoration. It is now being extensively overhauled with many new parts to make it play correctly. It is a fun, Pool themed game and, like most electro-mechanical machines, hard to beat. It features amusing typical 1960’s artwork and would grace any games-room. Although it was produced in a reasonable volume, not many examples have survived, particularly those in a good, age related condition as this example is. So if you want a game that is not the usual run of the mill, type machine, this might appeal. Offered at £3995.00.

1966 Gottlieb ‘Central Park’. 3100 units produced. Here is one of Gottlieb’s most sought after ‘animated’ type machines. This single player machine features superb artwork by the legendary Art Stenholm. If you are wondering what an ‘animated’ machine is, well it features a Monkey type figure in the head unit, which strikes a bell when 100 points are scored. With its 12 standing targets to hit with he ball to advance the score up to the elusive ‘Special’ replay award, it is a fast and furious, fun machine. Poor examples of this machine command relatively high prices today; this example features its original cabinet artwork and also has a nigh pristine playfield too, which perhaps suggests it has both had light use and has been cared for. Its been in my personal collection for many years and shall be fully overhauled before sale. Animated machines are very sought after, so here is your opportunity to secure a very nice example. Offered at £6495.00

Other machines that are scheduled for release at a later date are:

  • Gottlieb Sweethearts
  • Gottlieb Slick Chick
  • Gottlieb Kings and Queens
  • Gottlieb Skyline
  • Gottlieb Golden Arrow
  • Gottlieb Bank a Ball
  • Gottlieb Silver
  • Gottlieb Dancing Dolls
  • Williams Add a Ball

All machines sold include free delivery & set up in your home, anywhere in the U.K mainland.

A small deposit will secure a machine of interest. Please note that the machines listed for future release will be sold to order, and are subject to parts availability, etc.

Overseas shipping is available. Please enquire.

If there is a machine that you particularly want but we don’t list it here, please enquire anyway because we might have it in stock for future release, or perhaps be able to source one for you.